2013 Vermont Iced Hard Cider

 Vermont Iced Hard Cider


2014-07-10 10.08.24

Our premium Vermont Iced Hard Cider is ready. It’s available at the Burlington Farmers Market, the tasting room in St Albans (Local Fare), and the tasting room at the Cidery. Based on past comments and reviews we expect you will find it different from pretty much any Hard Cider you had before!

The main difference is we make it using the same methods as our Ice Cider so there’s no added sugar. It’s made with 100% apple sugar.

It is a still, slightly sweet drink.  Very crisp, nice and light.  Nice on the table, but very enjoyable by itself.

Very nice on the table especially with pork or poultry dishes.

For those who are gluten free it makes a great replacement for beer.  And for those who aren’t trying to be gluten free …. Try it, you might not go back to beer.

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