Blen Franklin

 Blen Franklin Hard Cider


Our newest Hard Cider is ready!!!!!

 Currently available only in 1/6 kegs  For the first time ever we’ve gone out of the islands for some apples!  We are the only commercial cidery to use the newly discovered Franklin Cider Apple. This is the apple you’ve been hearing about in print and TV news! The newest bittern sharp cider apple.  We know you will find it different from any Hard Cider you had before!  Why? Because no one else uses the Franklin.

It’s made our standard Hard Cider formula with just the right amount of the Franklin.

It is a still, dry drink.  Very crisp, nice and light.  Nice on the table, but very enjoyable by itself.

For those who are gluten free it makes a great replacement for beer.  And for those who aren’t trying to be gluten free …. Try it, you might not go back to beer.